Oligoceleste Iron

Oligoceleste Iron

Oligoceleste Iron can prevent and treat iron deficiency due to a diet deficient of this mineral, or other causes. Stimulates the production of bone marrow hemoglobin and it’s presence in numerous enzymes, proteins, inflammatory rheumatism, and anemic forms in general.
  • Size:   50mL
  • Manufacturer:   Erbenobili
  • SKU:   ERB-FE
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Oligocelestes (trace mineral) are a new line of products designed by our team and characterized by the association of trace elements often lacking in the human diet. With the presence of chlorophyll, in addition to the intrinsic properties, acts as a real catalyst and amplifies the effect of the minerals.

Ingredients: purified water, thickener: vegetable glycerin, preservative: potassium sorbate, Iron gluconate, acidity regulator: citric acid, natural coloring: magnesium chlorophyll, natural cherry flavor.
20-40 drops directly under the tongue in the morning upon wake up, in case of repeated assumptions throughout the day its preferably between meals. Or as recommended by a healthcare professional.

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