About Us

We are dedicated to giving you the knowledge and products to go beyond surviving into thriving. Founded in 1990, we are driven by our desire to help you achieve your best health by providing education and support and being a proven resource for top-of -the-line supplements and trusted customer service.

"Medicine is now at the cell level and the body is a total environment that needs to be looked at as a whole system as well."

Dr. Eric Steiner - CEO

Eric Steiner, CEO

When I was a young medical student, I felt like my studies were simply focused on diseases and organs – everything in isolation. I realized that what I loved was the technical aspects, new technology, and figuring out if there was a way to link various medical devices together to work in a more effective way. Sensing that a career in medicine was not a perfect fit for me, I got my MBA and joined my entrepreneurial father in the business world. We bought, sold and grew many businesses together and those different ventures allowed me to realize that I wanted to develop a health food technology company so that I could use tech to help people.

I am dedicated to focusing on education and providing products that empower people to have greater control over their Healthspan. Our strong team of people create trusted, proven partnerships with practitioners, and therefore their clients.

Sharon Lynn, Founder

In 1990, I established Mountain States Health Products, utilizing my expertise in Classical Homeopathy to create a unique line of homeopathic formulas. Acknowledging the challenges practitioners encounter in their busy practices with limited time, I undertook a mission to simplify their requirements. I diligently conducted research and curated a comprehensive selection of high-quality formulas, making it convenient to order from a single company.

Over the years, Mountain States Health Products has experienced substantial growth, now offering over 3,000 formulas from 55 reputable professional brands. Fueled by my unwavering commitment and passion for health and well-being, I remain dedicated to consulting with practitioners, aiding them in crafting the best programs for their journey to wellness.

Having spent 33 years nurturing her business, Sharon, along with Eric, who has dedicated 4 years to his own venture, has made the mutual choice to collaborate and explore novel avenues for the advancement and expansion of MHP Vitamins.

Belief Statements

At MHP Vitamins, we have strong, proven, trusted beliefs that guide our work and our commitment to exceptional products, service and outcomes.

We believe in being ...


We openly and honestly convey information, strive to always go above and beyond and offer our services with excellence, integrity and consistency.


We are thorough and careful, always looking for the most efficient supplements in the market. We only offer supplements that are clinically researched and scientifically proven.


We assist practitioners who offer personalized,holistic care to ensure everyone receives superior support for their physical, emotional and mental health needs.


We are forward-thinking and curious, always searching for the best approaches to health and micronutrition and offering the most innovative dietary products in the market.


We are happy to share our knowledge with practitioners and clients, so that they can find the right solutions to achieving their full health potential.

Scientific Mission

Everything we do is based on the fact that a healthy digestive system and balanced micronutrients build healthy cells, which build healthy organs, which build healthy individuals.

The Vital Role of Micronutrition and Gut Health in Achieving Healthspan

The study of nutrition is constantly evolving, and with it, people's expectations for their health have changed. Merely being free from ill health is no longer the ultimate goal; instead, we aspire to increase our Healthspan - the quality of our life during the years we spend as healthy, functioning individuals, enabling us to enjoy life to the fullest.

Micronutrition: A Key to Balanced and Durable Health

Significant advance in research have highlighted the crucial role of micronutrition in achieving a balanced and lasting state of health. Micronutrition refers to the biochemical effects of our diet on our cells, and it has a significant impact on various aspects of our well-being, including physical health, mental well-being, chronic and inflammatory issues, auto-immune and gut-related disorders.

The Gut Microbiome and its Importance

Our capacity to absorb and metabolize micronutrients is closely linked to the health of our intestinal flora - the ecosystem of microorganisms in our digestive tract, collectively known as the gut microbiome. This intricate balance of microorganisms plays a pivotal role in our overall health. Interestingly, we have more bacterial cells in our body than human cells, underlining the importance of maintaining a symbiotic, mutually beneficial relationship with these.

Epigenetics and the Gut's Influence on Gene Expression

Our gut microbiome has the remarkable ability to trigger biochemical changes in our DNA, modulating the expression of our genes. This phenomenon, known as epigenetics or environment-induced gene-expression-regulation, can have either beneficial or harmful effects on our health.

Lastly, the digestive tract houses a large portion of our immune system, further reinforcing the importance of maintaining digestive health.

As our understanding of nutrition and health continues to grow, the significance of micronutrition and gut health in achieving Healthspan becomes increasingly evident. By fine-tuning our micronutrient intake based on the specific needs of our cells and fostering a healthy gut microbiome, we can take proactive steps towards improving our overall well-being and ensuring a high quality of life throughout our years. Emphasizing the role of the digestive tract as an essential component in restoring digestive health reinforces the importance of holistic approaches to health maintenance and disease prevention.