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I was looking for an organic non-GMO vitamin C that was easy to take, and I am so glad I found MHP Alka C. Not only am I getting my vitamin C, but I’m getting other important minerals as well. It’s so easy to take. I just mix it in with water or juice. No more big sour pills to swallow.

Ally, G.

Alka C

The last time I had the flu a friend gave me some Panaxea Aviir, and I am so thankful. I know I felt better faster because of it. I could breathe and it definitely helped me recover much more quickly. I could get up and move around not long after starting the protocol. I am so happy my friend had some Aviir to spare. I’ll definitely be getting some to keep on my shelf.

Scott, F.


I had a stubborn bacterial infection that just wouldn’t clear up until I found Panaxea’s Antibiobotanical. I began my protocol, following to the letter what my practitioner recommended, and I am feeling so much better. I don’t think I could have recovered as quickly if I hadn’t found Antibiobotanical.

Joan, J.


As a long time allergy sufferer, it’s hard to find something that really stops the sneezing and watering itchy eyes. The combination of herbs in AllerDX does the trick. As soon as I feel an attack coming on, I take the recommended dosage, and I no longer hassle with red eyes and runny nose. This is a game changer.

Marie, C.


My mom always said that honey could soothe a sore throat. I think Silver Lozenges with Manuka Honey made with 60 ppm SilverSol takes that to a whole new level. The lozenges not only soothe a sore throat but they taste great. These work far better than any of the typical over-the-counter brands and they are made with organic ingredients, which makes me feel that much better about taking them.

Vince, S.

Silver Lozenges with Manuka Honey

When I feel even the slightest tickle of a sore throat, I pull out the Biocidin Throat Spray. I like the fact that it’s made from botanicals, but more than that, it works. It’s easy to use. The spray coats my throat and soothes any hint of throat pain. I also use it when I am going out anywhere in a crowd, just to give me an added immune boost.

Sandra, K.

Biocidin Throat Spray

When my practitioner told me I needed to add a probiotic to my regimen, I turned to MHP Probiotics Plus, and I was not disappointed. The capsules are easy to swallow. I appreciate the high potency, and I feel like it’s already given me the gut flora boost I need. My constipation was quite frequent. Now it’s nonexistent. Thank you, MHP Probiotics Plus!

Bart, S.

MHP Probiotics Plus

I was feeling generally under the weather, achy joints and all, and I just didn’t know what to do. My practitioner recommended Chaga Extract by Real Mushrooms. Boy, am I happy she did. I’m moving much better now. I use the powder, though I do like the capsules as well. However, I add a bit of the powder to hot milk and carob powder and it gives me that morning boost without the caffeine.

Elmer, F.

Chaga Extract by Real Mushrooms

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