Meet the Team Bios

Cristina Trapani-Scott

Customer Service and Design Lead

Cristina’s perfect day would involve curling up beside her dog with a good book of poems, some dark chocolate, and a glass of wine.

Jennifer Rivas

Operations Manager

Jennifer’s perfect day starts with a hike in the morning and ends curled up by the fireplace with a good book.

Blake Goodwin

Warehouse Associate

Blake’s perfect day would include a good book, a good movie and some good music.

Deborah Boblet

Customer Service Manager and Marketing Coordinator

Deborah’s perfect day would involve a walk in the mountains followed by a nice meal and a time with her family.

Ailee Rowe

Accounting specialist

Ailee's perfect day would start at 2pm and include a dance class, an orchestra rehearsal, and lots of cuddles with her kitties.