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CoQ10 + L-Carnitine Fumarate (120)

CoQ10 + L-Carnitine Fumarate (120)

Ultra-charged cardiovascular health support.
  • Size:   120 Vcaps
  • Manufacturer:   Pure
  • SKU:   PCQ-LCARN120
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l-Carnitine fumarate, recommended by leading U.S. cardiologists, is combined with CoQ10 for advanced cardiovascular energy support. In addition to being one of the most bioavailable forms of carnitine, l-carnitine fumarate provides fumaric acid, leading to a synergistic effect in cellular energy production in the mitochondria. l-Carnitine shuttles fatty acids across the mitochondria membrane where they are metabolized and promote the Krebs cycle. This stimulates the electron transport chain, which produces ATP, or energy, for the heart. Meanwhile, fumaric acid is a key constituent of the Krebs cycle, fueling this process even more. As a component of the electron transport chain, CoQ10 further augments the ATP synthesis and energy formation potential for this product. As a result, these nutrients play crucial roles in the energy dynamics of the heart, the most concentrated source of mitochondria and fatty acid utilization in the body. Research recently conducted at the George Washington University Medical Center indicates that in addition to promoting the Krebs cycle, l-carnitine fumarate helps moderate lactate levels in the hearts of laboratory animals. Studies at the Universities of Pisa and Milan in Italy reveal the synergistic potency of l-carnitine and CoQ10 in healthy oxygenation of heart tissue and in providing an optimal energy supply.

2 capsules, 1-2 times daily, with meals.