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Quicksilver Scientific NAD+ Platinum Advanced Aging Formula is an all-in-one longevity formula supporting 3 key pillars of longevity: NAD+ generation, sirtuin activation and methylation. This highly bioavailable blend builds on NAD+ Gold's NMN boost by enhancing its power with sirtuin activators and B vitamins.
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  • Manufacturer:   Quicksilver Scientific
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The Most Direct Precursor to our "Anti-Aging" Molecule - NAD+ is our genetic key to longevity, but levels naturally decline as we age. NMN is the most direct NAD+ precursor (unlike NR, commonly used in NAD+ supplements). NAD+ and Sirtuin Boosting Cofactors for Optimal Results - Support cognitive, immune and metabolic functions with this uniquely powerful blend. Resveratrol and quercetin help supercharge longevity proteins to support genome integrity and optimal cellular functioning. TMG and B vitamins help support balanced methylation and keep the NAD+ cycle turning. Unsurpassed Bioavailability - Quicksilver Scientific's exclusive liposomal delivery technology mimics the body's own NMN transport system and offers rapid uptake into the bloodstream and cells.

Take 1/2 tsp. by mouth. Hold in mouth 30 seconds before swallowing. Repeat to desired dosage or as directed by a healthcare professional. Take on an empty stomach, at least 10 minutes before meals.