Quinton Isotonic (30)

Quinton Isotonic (30)

The perfect Isotonic solution of organic ocean minerals diluted with natural alpine spring water to achieve the same consistency as your blood plasma.† Supports homeostasis and rehydration and contributes to normal digestion.*
  • Size:   30 Vials
  • Manufacturer:   Quicksilver Scientific
  • Stock status:   27

Quinton Isotonic is pure seawater harvested from protected plankton blooms by Laboratories Quinton, following strict protocols established by Rene Quinton. Quinton Isotonic™ is diluted to an isotonic concentration to conform to the human extracellular matrix (bioterrain). Quinton Isotonic™ is excellent for long term use and is easily absorbed into the body when taken orally.

Drink 1 to 4 vials daily on an empty stomach as recommended by your healthcare professional.

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